Two Spirit


The Cost of Homophobia: Literature Review of the Human Impact of Homophobia in Canada

C. Banks


Two Spirit People: American Indian Lesbian Women and Gay Men

L. B. Brown


Women and Men, Not-Men and Not-Women, Lesbians and Gays: American Indian Gender Style Alternatives

L. B. Brown


Decolonizing Homosexuality: A History of the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society

D. D. Buffalo


The Rez Sisters

T. Highway


Kiss of the Fur Queen

T. Highway


Caribou Song

T. Highway


Dragonfly Kites/Pimihakanisa

T. Highway


Fox on the Ice

T. Highway


Two-Spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality and Spirituality

S. E. Jacobs


Singing Home the Bones

G. Scofield


How We Find Ourselves: Identity Development and Two-Spirit People

A. Wilson




Pimosatamowin siakw kakeequaywin: Walking and Talking, a Saulteaux Elder's View of Native Education

L. Akan


The Sacred Tree, Special Edition

Four Winds Development Project


Jagged Worldviews Colliding

L. Little Bear


Postcolonial Ghost Dancing

J. (S.) Y. Henderson




Being Alive and Well

N. Adelson


The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions

P. G. Allen


A Recognition of Being, Reconstructing Native Vision and Community Survival

K. Anderson


Strong Women Stories: Native Vision and Community Survival

B. Lawrence & K. Anderson


Borderlands, la Frontera

G. Anzaldua


Pleasure Zones: Bodies, Cities, Spaces

D. Bell


Becoming and Ally, Breaking the Cycle of Oppression in People

A. Bishop


Beyond Token Change: Breaking the Cycle of Oppression in Institutions

A. Bishop


Us/Them, Me/You: Who? (Re)thinking the Binary of First Nations and non-First Nations

S. Caillou


Two-Spirited Aboriginal People, Continuing Cultural Appropriation by Non-Aboriginal Society

M. Cameron


The Regulation of First Nations Sexuality

M. Cannon


Community Organizing Against Homophobia and Heterosexism, the World Through Rainbow-Coloured Glasses

B. Carniol


Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation

E. Clare


Aboriginal Two-Spirit and LGBTQ Migration, Mobility and Health Research Project: Winnipeg, Final Report

L. Passante, A. Zoccole & J. Ristock


Aboriginal Two-Spirit and LGBTQ Migration, Mobility and Health Research Project: Vancouver, Final Report

J. Potskin, A. Zoccole & J. Ristock


Native Canadiana, Songs from the Urban Rez

G. Scofield


Sitting Down to Ceremony, an Interview with Gregory Scofield

T. McDonald & G. Scofield


River of Life, Rapids of Change: Understanding HIV Vulnerability Among Two-Spirit Youth Who Migrate to Toronto

R. Travers & D. O. Teengs


Sex and Conquest: Gendered Violence, Political Order and the European Conquest of the Americas

R. Trexler


Urban Lesbian and Gay American Indian Identity: Implications for Mental Health Service Delivery

K. L. Walters


My Spirit in My Heart: Identity Experiences and Challenges Among American Indian Two-Spirit Women

K. L. Walters et al.


Reconceptualizing Native Women's Health: An "Indigenist" Stress-Coping Model

K. L. Walters et al.


Families We Choose - Lesbians, Gays, Kinship

K. Weston


Christian Opposition to Homosexuality

D. Cochrane


Determinants of Health Among Two-Spirit American Indians and Alaska Natives

K. C. Fieland, J. M. Simoni & K. L. Walters


Queer Youth and Strange Represenatations in the Province of the "Severely Normal": Alberta in the 1990s

G. Filiax


Making Home: Queer Migrations and Motions of Attachment

A. M. Fortier


Fuzzy Definitions and Population Explosion: Changing Identities of Aboriginal Groups in Canada

E. Guimond


Growing Up Outside the Gender Construct

D. Hagen


American Indian Lesbians and Gays: An Exploratory Study

L. B. Brown & M. A. Jacobs


Pink Blood: Homophobic Violence in Canada

D. V. Janoff


Stigma, Identity, and Passing: How Lesbians and Gay Men of Color Construct and Manage Stigmatized Identity in Social Interaction

V. Kanuha


Compounding the Triple Jeopardy: Battering in Lesbian of Color Relationships

V. Kanuha


Identity, Refugeeness, Belonging: Experiences of Sexual Minority Refugees in Canada

S. Brotman & O. J. Lee


"What the Hell are You?" An Intercategorical Analysis of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Disability in the Australian Body Politic

H. Meekosha


Two-Spirit People: Traditional Pluralism and Human Rights

F. Meyer-Cook


Namaji: Two-Spirit Organizing in Montreal, Canada

D. Labelle & F. Meyer-Cook


Urban Life, Reflections of a Middle-Class Indian

D. Newhouse


The Gender-Gap: Re-Evaluating Theory and Method

B. O'Neill


Queer Dispositions: A Case Study in Trans-Gressing the Limits of Law

L. Passante


Migratory Vices

C. Patton


Producing Lesbians, Canonical Properties

R. Peace


Bodies, Cities, Spaces

Syracuse University Press


Native Hubs: Culture, Community and Belongings in Silicon Valley and Beyond

R. K. Ramirez


Becoming Two-spirit: Gay Identity and Social Acceptance in Indian Country

B. J. Gille


Sovereign Erotics: A Colection of Two-Spirit Literature

Q. Driskill et al.


Men as Women, Women as Men: Changing Gender in Native American Cultures

S. Lang


Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America

W. Roscoe

Two-Spirit Literature

Two-Spirit Literature