Boyd Whiskeyjack, Co-Chair

From: Saddle Lake, AB

Living in: Edmonton, AB


Boyd recently completed TYP (Transition Year Program), which is a full-time University of Alberta program in Open Studies. Boyd is preparing for the Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies/Bachelor of (Secondary) Education combined degree. In 2014, he won Mr. Gay Edmonton People's Choice and is the current reigning International Two Spirit Ogichidaa (Warrior) 2018/19.



Jeff Chalifoux, Co-Chair

From: Stony Plain, AB

Living in: Edmonton, AB


Jeff Chalifoux is an Indigenous Two Spirit Father and Social Worker who is an advocate for the sexual and gender diverse minority community. He is also Co-Chair of the Edmonton 2 Spirit Society and Chair of Education & Outreach, seeking to help make positive changes for Two-Spirits while fostering their inclusion and bringing them back to the Sacred Circle. Jeff sits on the Sexual and Gender Diversity Committee with the Alberta College of Social Workers and works with the Edmonton Men’s Health Collective as the Program Coordinator of the PeerNPeer Harm Reduction Program working towards supporting the queer community in reduction harms associated with sexualized substance use. Aptly so, as he openly shares his lived experiences through homelessness, 20 years of active substance use and over 12 years in correctional systems. Jeff is further pursuing graduate studies in advanced social work focusing on Indigenous matters and topics relating to substance use and sexual and gender diversity.



Sebastien Bourke, Board Member

From: Fort Smith, NWT

Living in: Edmonton, AB


Education has always been a high priority for Sebastien. Currently in the last stretch of obtaining his Bachelor of Arts with a major in criminology, Sebastien plans on continuing to achieve a Masters in Counselling Psychology.



Dorian Potts, Secretary & Webmaster


Dorian is a genderweird Two-Spirit and a proud member of the Nakota Sioux Nation. Currently working towards a BA in Anthropology, he is also an active volunteer in the community and a mixed media artist. Dorian hopes to attend grad school in the future, and intends to pursue a career in advocacy for Indigenous peoples.



Lyndsay Breadner, Board Member

From: Kahnawake / Keesekoose

Living in: Edmonton, AB


Lyndsay is a 60's scoop survivor raised by Anishinaabe in Cumberland House, SK. She is also a proud out Two Spirit bi-poly Water Protector and Rainbow Warrior. Additionally, Lyndsay is a proud parent of 5 children and has been an active music DJ for many years.



Sissy Thiessen, Board Member


Sissy Thiessen is a Treaty 6 Nakota Sioux, Cree & German spoken word poet, creative writer, singer and Jingle Dress dancer. Sissy has gained a unique perspective living inside & outside Edmonton as a bi racial, queer/Two Spirited Indigenous woman who benefits from white-passing privilege. She has been using the written word to educate and mobilize people since childhood and is currently using her time on the mic to bring awareness to social issues around body image, mental health, race and self identity. She currently works as a project coordinator working to assist First Nation & Métis schools in Northern Alberta advance school health & wellness.


Gabriel Castilloux Calderón, Board Member


Gabriel Castilloux Calderón is nij-manidowag (two spirit) Mi'kmaq, Algonquin, Scottish and French Canadian. Originally from Kitchi-sipi (Outaouais) unceeded Algonquin territory, they currently thrive in Cree/Blackfoot/Salteaux/Nakota Sioux Treaty 6 territory (Edmonton). Gabriel is actively involved in several different forms of traditional indigenous culture and ceremony, as a drummer, and a grass, jingle and buffalo dancer, and proudly celebrates an addiction free life. They are also a spoken word artist, writer and traditional crafts-person with a passion to empower Indigenous people.


Stephan Bureau, Board Member


Stephan Bureau is a two-spirit from Paul First Nations, whose family has roots in Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. He is currently the youth chair of the Alberta Health Services Wisdom Council and sits as the youth representative for the Alberta Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention Plan. He is a passionate youth advocate and is a recepient of the Alberta Youth Role Model Award in 2014. Stephan is completing his Bachelor of Arts degree from MacEwan Univeristy and has plans to finish a graduate degree in Counselling Psychology so that he can start a private practice helping Indigenous people with a special focus on at risk youth and LGBTQ2S+ youth.

Board Members

Board Members